This month’s plan (in short, a slow month)

So, just an update: I’m mostly taking a break this month.

The previous months I was sometimes spending 100 hours a week working. Some things were a huge pain in the ass, getting the game working and polished up better on a very different engine than it was running on before. Suffice to say, I need a bit of a break now that it’s mostly working and the holidays are here.

It’s hard for me to focus on programming when I’m interrupted with holiday planning, shopping, etc. I need to be able to sit and work on something all day to be productive with it.
There’s lots of shows I never got to get caught up on, not having time to watch before, that I want to get caught up on, too.

So there is going to be a lull this month, probably going into early January a bit as well. A lot of that is also because I’m still looking for writers as well that can really churn out good content.

I do still plan to have one small update this month. It’ll primary be a fix to some client side parsing on things that aren’t getting saved between sessions, so you have for instance entering the Wilderness after restoring a saved character and it says it’s unfamiliar when it shouldn’t.
I also want to get some alternate payment stuff working, like Dwolla, and a way to convert your game credit to Patreon credit.
Finally, I want to get polls set up this month so I can start gathering what Patrons are looking for.

Oh, and I could use more ideas on what you guys would like to have as stretch-goal type things that are in that faded section on your account page. Feel free to post your ideas on the forum.

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