Test server update

  • Added an open ended system for prompting text inputs from the player.
  • Added an additional “submit” input key into bindings. Default is “enter”. This is used for text inputs since the default “space” for confirming other things obviously doesn’t work well when it comes to typing things that could have spaces. :p
  • Added in the key for switching between different interaction focuses in the game (ie between chat, the map, and scenario) to the settings, which previously wasn’t rebindable. Default is “tab”.
  • When you don’t meet the requirements to select a dialog option, it now gives some hint to what you’re lacking.
  • Made some error messages more clear.
  • Fixed another engine issue where not everything that should be listened to was actually listened to.
  • Fixed an engine issue where Scenarios weren’t restoring instances correctly.
  • Made improvements to how the instancing is done to further reduce memory and data.
  • Fixed an issue with player saves being loaded, which lead to instance restoring being messed up.
  • Fixed an issue where saves weren’t working for supporters on the main server (well, once I get the Alpha2 release done and up on the main server, that’ll be fixed)

I think things are mostly pretty smooth and mostly bug free now?
Though the restoring of different states is still a sort of “short” memory thing.  Things seem to work fine from a new playthrough. When restoring from a save, sometimes there are issues. I’ll get that fully working as intended soon.
Probably going to take a break from that engine stuff and see if I can get some new content added myself, though. Also need to see about implementing a better system with dealing with parts of the body or clothing made to be “cum covered” and so on.

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