Patreon bot updated. And working on the final push toward the Alpha2 release

Programming wise, things seem to be in a good place unless there is some new crash bug or something that’s come up that I haven’t seen yet.
The new engine is a lot more efficient, and I just have maybe 3-4 days total of programming to do to completely have it ready.

It’s April 10th now, so that’s plenty of time left for that, but it’s a question of having the content I want it to have, both enough of it and polished up in time. That’s much more questionable.
So I’m not sure if I’m going to hit that April goal for the release. I’d like to, but I ultimately want it to be a good release.

I want to write a lot myself to help in that regard, but first I really need to add some more to the site such as polls, a way for supporters to redeem extra rewards for their contributions, and some other things.

Whether it’s out in April or it’s delayed until the next month, I’m still going to be giving out a few thousand free keys so a lot more non-Patrons can play the Alpha2 release, so be on the lookout for that.

Additionally, I spent some time rewriting a lot of the Patreon scraping bot that gives people game access, which fixes some minor issues issues with it. I also got it to use about 1/7th the memory it was using when I hastily wrote it in the past, which was getting in the way of how much was available for that game itself.

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