Alpha 2 Release-Candidate 1

Wew.. I kept running into one issue after another that made this take a lot longer. Ended up having to recode a significant amount to get the game-state to properly restore for different players. Then I kept finding a bunch of other bugs, when I want the features and content here to be nicely bug free and polished.

I have updated the main server as well as the test server with this release candidate.  The main server, at the time of writing this, still has the same old content from Alpha 1(except for what’s added due to bug fixes that aren’t on the content), but tomorrow I’m going to be looking over what is in good enough of shape to be put up on the main server as well.
By the time the proper Alpha 2 release comes around (should be in the middle of May, depends on if new issues are found and how long it takes to get the content for it finalized), the main server should be brought up to parity again. There’s just some content on the test server that needs to be polished up and finalized enough first. That should be about 3-4x the content the prototype had, and 50-75% more than Alpha1.


  • Tons of recoding of stuff under the hood… Bleh
  • Updated NPC cards so that changes to them are updated as they happen. (ie changing their stats, portrait, etc)
    A complicated part of the backend is working correctly when it comes to instancing and saving/restoring different game states. This fixes a ton of issues, including the not having clothing/items equiped or unequipped properly how they were last time you played, among tons of other things that were limited with content moving forward especially
  • Cum/Squirt is now in the list of descriptions that you can change.
  • Stats levels on chargen can now be selected via dropdown in addition to the slider and are now faded out if you can’t afford them
  • Added a new %____Short descriptor to parsing for all body parts that always outputs a concise description
  • Logical NOT (aka !) in the writing parser now properly works with function conditionals
  • Made more changes to how the scenario scenes are delivered, so the entire scroll back is there. No more fancy removing duplicate scenes since they often aren’t duplicates and mess up the flow. Now it just works more straight forward.
  • Removed the spin of the space station map. Will replace it with something else later on.
  • More minor client efficiency improvements
  • Saves have been wiped
  • Fixed a new crash bug
  • Fixed an exploit that allowed faster than intended movement (still needs improvements, though)
  • Fixed the herm trait not having default penis and breast sizes
  • Fixed an issue where body parts with a synonym appeared twice in the descriptions part of chargen
  • Fixed some default description issues
  • Fixed a new issue with clearing saves that came up in the last update
  • Fixed an issue where the string parsing wouldn’t show falsey values like “0”
  • Fixed an issue where the word counting didn’t count the words in dialog, and thus made it appear as though less was added
  • Fixed the remaining issue with the camera sometimes not focusing on quite the right spot when first entering a map
  • Fixed another parsing issue that would show “PARSER_ERROR”. Should be the last unintended one
  • Fixed an issue with underwear not working right on a newly created character with the default sex not changed
  • Fixed the text on the bottom right in the game being that super outdated message. Woops.
  • Fixed an issue with the site not giving an error when trying to add a duplicate name to your account. Instead, you can now pick any name you want for additional characters and only your account name is unique, so you can now have a non-unique character name that someone else also has. This also includes a special id to differentiate duplicate numbers when they appear. (Sorry, everyone that was trying to make a character name “Slut” before!)


  • (Hopefully) Better clarified things about when Patrons receive keys, which is when payment is confirmed.


  • Fixed a new issue in newer versions of Firefox, and sped a part of it up.

I’ll give out a lot more keys for the proper Alpha 2 release, but here are some to test out the release candidate on the main server: ALFA-2TWO-CAND-IDAT (100 uses)
You can redeem it on your account page

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