Game update and fixes

-Updated the Register, Login, etc pages to look like the rest of the site.

-Fixed a bug where quests would point to an empty spot if they weren’t for the current map. Quests that aren’t for the current map now point no where.
-Fixed parts of the last writing parser update being incomplete in how it detects clothing removal, both full and partial.
I didn’t really test it enough last time, and just assumed some things. :p More detail is at the bottom of this post
-Too many little bug fixes to list. They’re mostly things that didn’t make any noticeable effect.

-Updated from Jquery 1.9.1 to 2.1.0. This shouldn’t change anything, except for possible performance increases and a removal of a depreciation warning from out-of-standards code that 1.9.1 used.
-Updated from Three.js r58 to r66, and recoded parts of the solar system renderer. Adjusted some of the graphics as well to make the star look a bit more blue.
It may be a little faster now.
-Added something that should detect that the renderer isn’t running.
-Changed something that’s way too hard to explain. D: Basically it has to do with how the server figures out what content to deliver. Some content wasn’t displaying properly because I forgot it was working a certain, more limited way. I changed it to be more versatile. This basically just means that the server can check more things in how it figures to deliver content.
-Updated default NPC stats to 3 of each stat, instead of 1 of each.
-Item buttons can now trigger Events.
This is used for the egg laying
-Added a way to manually trigger the removal of some clothing at a point in some writing, for things that are just too complicated for it to figure out, at least to currently figure out.

-Fixed some more bugs in some content that was stopping some from showing on both Gail and Macsen.
Hopefully I really have these fixed now. :3

-Added a bit more content for both Gail and Macsen. Still pretty full of placeholders, though. >_>
Including: Made the Queen’s Dozen quest completable. There’s a number of blank or unfinished placeholders, however.
-Started on a new NPC in The Colony (The Queen).

This is a small update that took me forever. :/
I spent a few days trying different things with the writing parser. I had one idea on how I could improve how capable it is, but more than a day into it I realized it’s going to take more than a week to actually finish. I still have that code to finish later, but that’s something I need to wait until I’m sure the game is funded before I can go and finish… It’s just a crazy amount of work for something that won’t be noticed much, but it does fix an issue where the writing parser was describing some things wrong, such as anatomy being clothed when that clothing was stripped or peeled away earlier in the scene.
What I ended up doing instead is just changing the current writing parser around some. See, the problem was that it didn’t care much about the order it did things. It was doing a few passes of things over all of the text one after another, and for the nested markup it was doing outer brackets, then sucessively deeper.
Because the writing parser needs to be changing things in order, as they go along, I had to make a ton of changes to make that happen. Because the writing parser “reads” the writing, and changes the player character state as it goes, it needs to do things in order so these changes go into affect right as the next part of writing comes. That order is very important.
So I broke it into parts, and it iterates over those. It works, but I really want to recode it later because I just know I can make it even better.
Basically, when something is written like that a player’s bottoms are removed, then the writing that comes after, say describing their ass, should say it’s bare. If some writing says they pull their bottoms down just past their ass, it should say their ass is bare but thighs are still covered by it when thighs are described. This means it all has to be parsed in particular orders, which is difficult with their also being a lot of markup to parse.

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