A new Kickstarter is coming. I need your help making LEWD happen!

Hey! I think things are about coming to order.
The pre-alpha game is relatively bug free and stable right now. I know there’s still a few, and report them if you see them to help me track them down.
The amount of content is decent-ish. It’s about as long as the average novel. There’s still a bit more I want to get in before launching the KS. Well really, there’s tons more things I want to write, but I have to stop somewhere to keep things from moving at such a slow pace, and get the kickstarter going.


I’m going to do a kickstarter for the engine first, almost certainly in October to get the tools and engine available so others can make games, and give feedback on how to make the tools better, easier to use, and possible additions to the engine.


I need your help, though!

If you’re checking this blog post from someone else and not registered on the forums,
please register if you intend to back the Kickstarter!

I’m looking to have at least 1500 people registered before I launch the Kickstarter. There is only 150450 at the moment.
When I launch the Kickstarter, I’ll send an email out to all the registered members so we can hopefully get a lot of funding in at once to get it moving along.
If you already have an RPHaven account, you just have to login at playlewd.com/login.php and set a forum name rather than register a new account.


Also, please spread the word around. Get your friends that may be interested registered. You can tweet the demo to people, or share it on other social networking sites, and encourage them to register an account. You can talk about it on forums or other games. I’m sure there are lots of role playing communities in MMORPGs that’d be interested, or people in MUD and MUCK communities.  I need your help spreading the word, because I’m just really not good at that.
I want this to be as successful as can be, so I can make LEWD as big as possible, and have even more hope for creating even better things in the near future after it.

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