An update on the lack of updates this month

As of the last update, I mentioned a few plans. I wasn’t thinking of other things that’d get in the way of doing them.

There was EVO, and there’s The International to watch. Those are consuming a lot of my time. There’s also some other work I needed to do that’s not directly related to LEWD. I am just somewhat burned out after the working 100 hours a week on the new tools and such. It’s also a bit daunting thinking of all the work I need to do in making a good clientside API to match, as well as what’s involved to make it easy for others to make their own unique client-server game as easily as it is to set up a tumblr, or tinychat. So I’m trying to relax lately.

So yeah, I don’t expect there to be much progress this time.  I was hoping I’d have some writers to add more content, but that’s hard to find help with.
I got a lot of the payment processing and account management things done, but that’s nothing visible at the moment.
I still have to find a good merchant for processing credit and debit cards, which is a really huge pain and nothing like the ease of Paypal.

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