Alpha update notes for Alpha 1 pre-release update 1

Here’s some notes for the first significant update since the Alpha test server went up on July 31st.

The main focus on the next update will probably be some engine improvements I need to add, for instancing game objects that enables a lot of neat stuff with content and which will help fix a few bugs with items and some other things.

  • The feedback and rating system for scenarios is now working.
  • Fixed a parser error that’d happen if something was caught that ended with a period.
  • Lots of other additional problems with the parsing has also been fixed.
  • Fixed tile populations (number of players on a tile) not showing in online mode. They also use up less data than they did before.
  • Fixed player count not updating as people join/leave and other issues caused by functions that were intended to output data to all players connected.
  • Fixed an incorrect order of operations that would lead to the player not moving to the tile where a scenario was executing, which prevented getting to lots of content.
  • Fixed a core engine bug that made it impossible for functions that drive the content to have “false” values for a player or object, which made it impossible to have a function that only sometimes used a player object as an option and was messing up a significant portion of things.
  • Fixed a bug where some things with player sex not being set correctly for lots of content.
  • Fixed a bug where players were no longer marked as “editable” when reloading a save and going through chargen again, which prevented many changes from happening. (This way you can reroll your character)
  • Fixed some incorrect stuff with the message on the account page about what access you have.
  • Character saves have been wiped (except for descriptions you’ve set)
  • Reworked Patreon account scraper to get it working again. -_- Still some problems here, but working on it.


  • You can now create new characters on your account page.
  • You can now delete your character save if you wish to reroll by clicking the “Delete Character Data” button in settings. This will not delete the name and such, just the game save data.
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