Alpha test server access is now available for Patrons!

For those that are or become Patrons, you can access the test server at right now! I’m aiming to have this first public(as in, not supporter only) alpha release finished in August, or early September at the latest.
There is also now a private forum for supporters, including some extra information at here

For now, it’s too expensive to have lots of players on it until I have some really complicated caching and other things like that to save cost added to the engine. Not to mention, there’s a lot more I want to add before I really consider it an “alpha”, and this is a prerelease so there’s bug and such as well.
But still, I wanted to have something playable for people that support the Patreon available this month, and that’s what this release is.


  • For the most part there isn’t a whole lot new since ~80% of the time was just to recode some things, get the game running on my new engine which is just the first step to make a lot more possible. A lot more stuff is going to be coming in August, leading up to the public Alpha release.
  • Roughly 50% more content
  • First of its kind(I think) Patreons rewards system Coming soon, I’ll finish launching this system that awards people that support the Patreon. I’m still working on figuring out what rewards to have a long with cost, at the moment, and suggestions are welcome. Patreon has no such system like this built in like Kickstarter, but I wrote a bot that handles it after you link your Patreon account to your LEWD account. I know people want rewards and such, and the usual Patreon system of per-small-pledge rewards and goal amounts didn’t really workMore info
  • Updated rendering for the star system map. It’s more efficient (WebGL only, no more Canvas), and prettier. I will be adding a “lo-fi” alternate version of it for those whose computers/tablets/phones can’t handle WebGL. There is also an introduction before character creation. More info
  • Feedback system for supporters (Actually not fully implemented. Going to do that tomorrow or this weekend so it’s disabled for now)
  • Updated quests system that enables a quest to designate a whole area, instead of just one point, among other things More info
  • New writing parser. Well, not TOTALLY new, but lots of it has been recoded. Honestly I want to completely recode it, but that’s a big undertaking for an already super complicated system that makes up over 1/3rd of the client’s code. There are some bugs with the big parser changes I’ve done, but it’s coming along nicely. I’ve been working on just better improving the way it procedural changes text for your character. Aiming to fix all those issues where it could repeatedly blurt out really overly descriptive text. A major, major change with it is that variables can be set for the scenarios which are used in the parser. More info, kinda. Outdated
  • Redone player descriptions. Now with like.. 10x more stuff This is also fairly easy to mod and make things work like adding a tail, extra limbs, etc, since it’s all hierarchical and cyclic. Heterochormia iridis now works with it too, and other asymmetrical stuff, that didn’t before. More info
  • More settings. You can now hide images, for more privacy or just for those that want an even more text-focused experience.
  • Saves. Character is now saved, though there are caveats at the moment with them that should be worked out once the public Alpha 1 release comes.
  • Efficiency improvements and slightly prettied up interface which are pretty minor. There’s still a significant amount of recoding on the client that needs to be done…
  • Site updates will a less derpy “info” page, slightly improved look (I hope), and less clicks needed to get to different things.


Well I’m not going to announce every detail of what’s planned here, but there are some cool things coming around August and September. (Alpha1 and Alpha2 releases)

One is that I’m going to finish up an engine feature that’ll help with procedurally creating content.
An example of that is that we’re going to turn the amphibious alien girls and plant girls into being just instances of their species.
They won’t just have randomized names or something, but they’ll have changes generated for each one of them that is unique and consistent with each. Then for the amphibious ones they can be competitive, possessive, so on. They’re be different content dependent on whether you indiscriminately fuck ’em all, or if you’re faithful or mostly faithful to one, and so on.

Another is that we’ve been talking about how to rework some things with how content modifies your character in an object oriented fashion. This way they can be tracked for individual removal, and even modifying each one. There’s also a lot changing to treat NPCs mostly the same as Player Characters engine wise, so those same things can be done to them. Ranging from making it very easy to handle things from pregnancies, cum inflation, etc. Right now they’re just adjectives added to something and they can interfere with each other and modifying them is basically impossible to handle well.

Lastly, I have some tech in the pipeline to procedurally modify portraits. Along with the updates to the parsing and way NPCs are handled, just like how a description of the Googirl could change from saying she’s blue or pink, a shader will also fade her portrait to that color to match it. I’m planning on making it so you set her to pretty much whatever custom color you’d like with the text descriptions and portrait image matching.


One of the writers had to drop out, leaving us with just 2. I think 3-5 is a better number to have short term.
I’ll be putting up the writer tryout application again sometime in August. Sooo, keep a look out for that if you’d be interested and think you have the ability.


Even if you just want to idle, doesn’t matter. #lewdgame Or use this web client: Here you can also see updates on what is happening, since there is a bot that notifies of changes.

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