More bug fixes up on the alpha test server

  • Fixed a bug where the descriptions for the part didn’t work when there was no slider
  • Various things that caused the player to get frozen were fixed.
  • 4 different types of parsing errors are fixed and I improved how clothing descriptions are generated slightly. If you still see parsing issues, please report them on the forums.
  • Fixed a race condition that caused problems with queued scenarios, which in particular made it impossible to move around in The Matriarchy and could mess up some Outpost 833 content.
  • Made some adjustments to the movement that should prevent a lot of the rubber banding and such. This still needs a considerable amount of work, though.


  • Smoothed out the movement animation greatly.
  • Added a slider for hair color. I’m going to be making some improvements to this later. It really should have a separate color and style and such, but I need to add something in to better handle that.

There’s still some issues with items that I need to get to that’s going to be a same pain. You’ll notice underwear disappears when restoring a save, and it’s related to that.

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