Almost done with the map editing tool

There’ll be some updates to the 3 maps, and some additional ones soon.

Previously the maps were generated from a texture map which was quite a pain to update, and I needed something especially easy for people that don’t deal with image editing programs, and to not need to switch back and forth from one. This’ll make it a lot easier for when we have to make dozens or hundreds of different areas, as well as making little adjustments super easy.

This is a bit different view of the map than what it is in the game client, showing all the pixel data for each channel which doesn’t show in the client.

I also want to get this working to where a map can be updated without a server restart, and where we can also dynamically change the map for things like doors that open and close, bridges opening up or closing, etc. Not sure how much progress I’m going to make on that last part this month since there’s some more important things to get to first and I also might want to do some writing myself.

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