Alpha 1 pre-release Update 5

There won’t be a lot of new features added the coming week or two as there are some difficult bugs and engine stuff I need to fix up. So don’t be surprised if you don’t see a lot that’s new, or if the game becomes unplayable for a few hours often.

  • Map editing now works so we can edit maps without having to take the server down. Woo
  • Implemented cock size, breast size, and orifice size stuff. Added general functionality for adjustments within traits. (Will use this for height in a bit, too)
  • Removed the default descriptions sliders for those. Added some new default descriptions to correspond with the new sliders
    Orifice ones are just hidden for game stuff to adjust
  • There is now a list of which locations a player can shuttle to for the game to manage. No more getting “restricted” when loading the game on a save that should have had them available
  • Player now starts in the Wilderness immediately without having to click it
  • Inputting a key to change a setting no longer also triggers that button (IE setting the up key with settings open will no longer move upwards, or cycle upwards in scenario choices)
  • In online mode, tile populations no longer show when they’re at 0


  • Fixed a bug with key settings not working
  • Fixed a number of content bugs
  • Fixed a number of engine and tool bugs that could mess up content
  • Fixed some issues with the display of scrolling boxes in char-gen
  • Fixed a bug with trait costs that happened with having different trait costs within the same group
  • Fixed it describing hands, elbows, forearms, knees, shins, ankles, and calves as “bare” when they’re uncovered, since that’s rather abnormal
  • More tool fixes and improvements

There is a known issue where the default descriptions from the trait sliders will overwrite any custom descriptions you’ve written for that part when loading a save.

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