Alpha 1 pre-release Update 7 notes

This update is rather small. I’ve been really burned out working 60-100+ hours a week the few weeks prior to this past one.

  • Fixed an issue where players could get stuck and unable to move after a scenario ends.
  • Fixed getting stuck on the part where recalling what you used the injector on after the last update.
  • Fixed Feedback on Scenarios not working. Feedback also now confirms the submission. (Again, please don’t use this to report bugs. Use the forums for that)
  • Client side descriptions now save and restore properly. (Clearing saved site data will clear them out, I should note. May add some cloud saving for them in the future for supporters so you can keep them across devices, browsers, or after clearing out browser data.)

I’m not really sure I’ll get it all polished up and ready for the public by the end of September. I’m extremely burned out and there’s still significant things left to do.
I want the public release to be nice and it’s just not nice enough yet. The release is largely delayed because I added a number of things that I didn’t originally plan to, but still.

I’m thinking I can still have some sort of limited release. Like to give all the Patreon supporters keys to share for that. But it’s not ready to have thousands have access to it right now.

Changes coming with Public Server release

  • Over the next few days a few things are going to be changing to faciliate the two servers and access.
  • The “Play” button on the front page will change to direct to the new public game server URL.
  • Your Account Page will change a bit to reflect what access you have (IE test server access, public server access)
  • Patreon supporters will have access to the test server and permanent access to the public server.
    • Each Patreon supporter will also get a key to share that can be used to gain access once for each $ they’ve spent. (IE, someone that has
  • Those that use an access key will gain free permanent access to the main (stable/public) server.
  • Test server will remain something that gets broken occasionally, but has upcoming features being worked on and content that’s still being polished up. While the main (stable/public) server will be a bit dated, but will be stable.

Eventually I’ll put out a few extra keys besides the Patrons’ that each have dozens or hundreds of uses each once I feel it’s more ready to have more people playing it, but not quite totally open to the public completely until it’s more where I want it to be.
And further on I’ll eventually have it completely open, without requiring a key, to play for free.

I’m not sure if I’ll open up that thousand or so extra spots at the end of September like I wanted, or if it’ll be a bit later. Like I said, I’m super burned out right now.

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