Alpha 1 pre-release Update 8 notes (Almost there…)

Not ready to set the main, stable server up just yet, but getting there. There’s still two significant issues I need to fix, at the very least, and some writing that needs to be added and polished up and better connected first.
I’ll be releasing access keys for Patreon supporters to share soon, though.

  • Added a number of tools and engines improvements and bug fixes, including adding some capability that was needed to make setting up procedural content more easily. Also fixed a new crash that was happening related to this.
  • Fixed object listeners propagating to object instances, instead of each instance having its own list of listeners. This drastically cuts down on a lot of wasted data that was being sent to players that they didn’t need to have sent.
  • Fixed how item adjectives were no longer modifiable, and things that would damage/destroy clothing can now do so again.
  • There was also a big issues with saves where the saves couldn’t properly save and restore different cross references to something, and instead created new objects/instances, which was creating a lot of bugs (like generally not being able to equip/unequip items from a restored save). That should now be fixed.

You may need to clear your save (in settings) to fully fix the aforementioned issue. Save wipes should be rare or not happen at all from now on, though, since they now appear to be in a good spot.

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