Alpha 1 pre-release Update 9 notes

This should be the last client and engine update before I put up the “Alpha 1” release (besides new things that may come up and a fix to the last known issue at the bottom).

There is still some issues needed with content needing some reworking or additions before I set up the main server with that release, though. I also need to set up that additional server, and need to set up a system to distribute and manage access keys for the supporters and myself to give out, which will take a small amount of time.
If you see any issues, or just things that seem weird, please report them on the forums!

I don’t really know how long it’ll take to get the content situated since most of that is on the writers to get cracking on. Hopefully it’ll just be a few days.
Once this is done there will be the test server for Patreon supporters, which may be unstable, buggy, but that has new content added right away. Then there will be the main “stable” server which is an older release that I know is largely stable, that just requires a free key to get access to.
All that have a confirmed payment through Patreon will be given keys for the stable server that they can use on themselves and/or give out to others.

Update notes:

  • Added writer credit to the client ui.
  • Replimented libido. (still need to change a lot of content to have it drain libido some amount)
  • Adjusted the styling for the chat in online mode. Global chat tab button no longer gets covered up, and the text box better fits the available space.
  • Dirty Space Alchemy quest now points to an area like the Lost Shirt one. Also added more flexibility to the system used there.
  • … some other various content things.


  • There was a big issue with saves. Pretty sure I have all the issues with them fixed now, really, though. I needed to wipe the old saves again since they could be very corrupt.
  • Fixed a new issue with the default “Born Male” trait being improperly set, which made parts of it not get removed when selecting another sex trait.
  • Fixed an issue with some events firing on incomplete connections, triggering the playerDisconnect which lead to negative player counts displayed, among other things.
  • Fixed an issue with network driven updates to the gender selection on chargen that didn’t clear out previous selections when setting it to the previous one.
  • Reworked how some data is synced between the server and clients, that’s just a lot more simpler though it uses more data than the previous (buggy) implementation. I need to revisit this later, though. This fixes making sure the player item list and some other deep objects/arrays are synced up accurately.
  • Removed a bunch of debug logging that is no longer necessary.
  • Fixed a parser issue that came up when the text to be parsed was followed by a comma. Fixes an issue with saying your character’s name to Macsen.
  • Fixed a quest arrow showing sometimes when there was nothing to point to. Also Readjusted the active quest highlighting style slightly after a previous change messed it up.
  • Fixed stat points not being rewarded. It worked totally differently on the old engine and just forgot to change those.
  • Fixed orifice sometimes getting parsed to your characters dick. Uhhhhh… oops.
  • Fixed a number of bugs with clothing and the parsing around it.

Known issues:

  • Some things that are saved still do not properly restore. In more detail, the previous instance state for game objects for each player is not restoring to how it was previously for the player like the player’s object is, and instead new objects are being made. Just something that’s super complex and I can’t get around to right this moment, but will soon.
  • Sometimes your character starts without any items equipped even though they were equipped last time, requiring requipping manually.
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