If you’re into space games that aren’t lewd, consider backing this Kickstarter

Normally I wouldn’t be promoting others projects, but this is an exception.

Infinity Battlescale
Infinity Battlescape Kickstarter

I just like the potential this game has, and 3-6 years ago I was learning a lot about programming from reading the creator’s blog posts. It was 3 or 4 years ago when I was looking at his methodology behind procedurally creating planetary terrain and making my own implementation in Unity that was the point I realized I can really program these complex things. I saw him doing a lot of things that people would say are unfeasible or impossible, and it gave me a lot of confidence to not listen to other programmers would say and to just make something work anyway. It also gave me a lot of confidence seeing him do so much himself in myself being able to take on something big and complex on, where I might not have something “working” until spending hundreds or thousands of hours on it, which is something many struggle at.

So I’d really like to see this successful, and they aren’t getting enough press or exposure since it’s a small, unknown team.
Help them out if you can. They really deserve it.

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