Alpha 1 Release Candidate 1

So, things have been delayed a bit.
While I’ve been working on and added a ton of things that weren’t originally on the list of things to get done for the first completed Alpha release, I still fell behind on getting the absolutely bare necessities done to get it released when I wanted, but it’s just about there.

I’ve been working on the private messaging and social features that are upcoming, and ended up going deep down a rabbit hole with that which sucked up way more time than I expected.
I’ve also still been really burned out, so just haven’t gotten as much done this month as I’d like.

Barring any major new issues being found, I’ll be setting up the main/stable server and distributing a bunch of keys to the backers to share for access to that.

Update Notes

  • Lots of content bugs fixed.
  • Set lots of libido draining amounts to different sex scenes. (May have missed some)
  • Fixed the “you have disconnected” message not showing up when that happens.
  • Implemented some additional functionality to the writing parser to allow us to modify writing depending on what dialog option lead to it in the cases where two or more different scenes lead to the same other scene.
  • Implemented &&/AND psuedocode parsing on the writing parser, rather than needing to nest stanzas. There’s also an update to make sure whitespace doesn’t mess anything up and some general cleanups.
  • Fixed the server being unable to set adjectives on something of a player’s by sub-reference lookups that used to work in the old engine, such as for their primary orifice.

Known Issues

  • Horrible reconnect support, really. Need quite a bit of recoding on the client to handle this well. Won’t get this fixed in time for release, and it’ll still require refreshing until then.
  • Libido doesn’t always display accurately when reloading at first.
  • System map renderer still fails to load or crashes some times.
  • Some client side parser states aren’t restored on saves, like if you’re repeating something or not.
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