Alpha 1 Release Candidate 2(Final?)

I think I have all the major issues fixed except some content that needs to be cleaned up, and one I note issue I have noted down below that should be easy to fix once I get some data logged to figure out the problem.

So I should have the main server up in a few days, and people will be able to find keys from the supporters to give access to that server.


  • Created a system for giving out access keys and redeeming them that I’m using so people can give out access to the main server. It should automatically give out keys and update the amount of uses whenever someone is charged through Patreon in a few days from now once I launch the main server.
    • You can find your keys to share, if you’ve been charged through Patreon, on your account page.
  • Added a way to change your account password if you’ve forgotten it.
  • “Return to last page” links on the site will no longer point to the login page, since that was silly.
  • Supporter Forum can be viewed by everyone now, but you still have to be a Patreon supporter to post there.
  • Some styling changes for errors and confirmations on the site to make them more apparent, since some people weren’t noticing them.
  • Enabled character deletion on the account page. (previously did nothing)


  • Fixed some more parser and content errors
  • Fixed another server crash. Also added in some logging since I think there is an issue with one of the player teleporting events. I should be able to figure out the whole root of that issue as people play and test it out, but if you get “stuck” selecting an option, report that on the forums, thanks.
  • Fixed some new bugs with it not displaying some connection errors.
  • Fixed an engine issue that had a ton of things bugged, including not being able to reduce stats. This probably fixed a whole bunch of recent issues since some of the major reworking to it I did last month.


  • Updated the Patreon connecting bot so it doesn’t repeatedly message about their payments not working, and to work around some bugs Patreon itself has.
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