Alpha 1 Release Candidate 3(Actually Final?)

Well this is a lot later than I wanted to get this ready and released. I should have the public server(non test-server) up within a day or two, now.

It’s a combination of there being a lot more that had to be recoded for the game to work on my new engine than I thought, and adding a lot of things that I originally didn’t plan on but thought I was making good time and had time for.

There’s also the demotivating factor of Paypal stealing almost $500. I thought the Patreon would take off considerably more and that I’d have more help with writing, too.


  • Updated description generation to be a bit smarter in how it chooses possible descriptions. You’ll no longer get something overly redundant like “egg-laden, egg-stuffed and egg-filled pussy”.
  • Fixed the isArea conditional that was used in the back end to change things based on where you are or where you last came from and such. Was making some text not show correctly based on those sorts of parameters.
  • Fixed an issue where items couldn’t be consumed on the backend by key word (ie top, bottoms). Things that take/destroy your clothes no properly do so again.
  • Fixed an issue where you couldn’t move back and forth to a zone/map that you had already visited.
  • Fixed planetary system map text showing over the local map sometimes.
  • Fixed 5 cases that could cause writing to not parse correctly.
  • Fixed a bug in generating descriptions that would cause everything to be blank. This was an issue with it writing something as torn, sticky, etc.
  • Fixed the revive-from-clone not working(though it’s intended behavior is still unfinished)
  • More fixes to the optimized way it detects levels of bareness on the server.
  • More content fixes.

Known issues:

  • Items you had equipped aren’t always requipped right on the client after loading from a save, which shows descriptions as if bare even though the game thinks you have clothing on. You’ll need to reequip them.
  • Some client side variables set like if a scenario has been viewed before is not restored between sets, giving a bit wrong of writing sometimes.
  • Eggs not disappearing?
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