Alpha 1 is now up under “play”. Keys available for free access.

There are now two different servers and urls to access the game at. has all the latest content and features as they’re worked on, but it may be unplayable at times and/or very buggy. Only Patrons can access this. is the main “stable” server (at least it should be stable). Both Patrons and people who have redeemed an access key can play here. Later on, I’ll open up wider access until it’s eventually fully open, but that costs too much for me to accommodate right now.

The “Play” button now leads to the main server, and you can find a link to the test server under it when it’s hovered instead. You get a separate save for each so what you do on the test server and save wipes on it won’t affect the stable server.

I also decided to keep test server access under the $5 reward for a longer period of time.

You can now find any keys you have available or redeem one on your account page.
key-redeemFor Patrons, your access key will get one use for each $1 you’ve successfully charged through Patreon. You can share your key however you see fit.

For those who aren’t Patrons, and want to play the game for free, you have to find a key from one of the supporters. There’s like almost 3000 keys out there once the end of November payments finished, so hopefully they’re not terribly scarce. I’ll distribute some as well, increasingly as I can support more players and the game is developed more.

The other best way to get into the closed alpha is to just have an account registered. I’ll be giving out keys there next thing, in probably a month or two.
I need to take a break. Haven’t had time to play games, relax. I need to reformat my computer which means backing up a lot, and quite a bit of time to get my workstation and everything in order how I like.
I did make a list of what I want to work on in the next 2-3 months in addition to getting more content added, and I’m looking for writers again.… relook into clothing stuff, better descs and the not reequipping from save issue.
… fix renderer crashing. Better errors for when renderer problems are someone’s browsers’ fault.

… Explorables coming up always on first server load but not when resaved? etc :<
… An issue with showing multiple binds on each tile in the editor that may be related to this.
… Fix issues with issuing two click-to-move orders sometimes.

… Refractor indices in editor, and fix an issue with newly created inputs in editor. (qol stuff to make tools work more fluidly, basically)
… fix some issues with real time updating of content making some comparisons fail. (this usually isn’t a problem experienced, but it’s still one)

… callback design: Function to receive data from a dialog option, and operate on it (input passwords, written responses, etc)
… shaders for portraits to procedurally modify them (different colors, multiple texture params that can be supplied and combined, etc)
… more of the client side variables set need to save between saves, or better yet should be saved on the server.
… make traits selectable outside of chargen. Restrict chargen to a first time thing and add something else in game for changing appearence later, or whatever.
… add RP features. Private messaging, setting a profile and viewing others, etc.

… fix duplicate unmodified object sending wasting data.
… fix orbiting camera on system map slowly zooming out.
… make reconnects work seamlessly, without having to refresh, start over, etc; improved support for spotty connections.
… add a powerful refractorer to the tool.

… better mobile device support (some buttons/inputs are not working right? And could use UI adjustments for them)
… writing parser recode for more sanity, mutability, and efficiency.

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