Game Update (July 30)

Just occurred to me that it’d be better for me to post these updates here on the blog, rather than the forum.

  • Stats system reworked. You now start at level 3 of all stats as the base.
    • This is to have a baseline that can be subtracted from with negative traits. 3 is considered “average”.
  • Tweaked how stat and trait costs are displayed.
  • Begun adding a few traits, and trait points system.
  • Precursor update converting traits to JSON, so I can push dynamic updates of traits from the server later on.
  • Precursor update to track various states to body parts and properly describe them in writing. IE “jacket covered feminine chest”, “already cum filled hole”. Various parts of the players body are now handled like the previous update to clothing, essentially, with a system of objects and getters.
  • Added “previous” buttons to chargen pages.
  • Added a new Appearance page on chargen to set your character descriptions.

There’s bound to be some new bugs. I recoded so much, that some old code probably isn’t compatible.

The last part of the update is the big part. Similar to the last post, which was about creating phrases for items, the same is done for body parts.
This is much more complicated though. I had a basic version of this working, but after a player character got all slimed by Sluishtha, it would say something like “sticky and bare chest”. That doesn’t really read as well as “sticky, bare chest”. Both are adjectives, but the “bare” one has a higher importance.
I also needed to have it automatically write if an article of clothing is over that body part. Now there is this whole long list of different adjectives and descriptions, and they need to come together in something that reads properly.
Say you have something like “chest that’s covered by a jacket” as what it’d return. Well, what if the word is “breasts” instead? It’s “breasts that’re covered”, not “breasts that’s covered”. It also needs to figure out the proper pronoun.
So it wasn’t as simple as adapting what creates the item phrases to body part phrases. I had to write something new, and much more complicated.

In this new system, there is an array of a noun’s synonyms, and an array of descriptive adjectives. This is to add some randomization so you don’t keep getting the same phrase over and over. To further randomize, sometimes an adjective isn’t even chosen at all.
Then it detects if it’s clothed or not, and it’ll add that in. Sometimes it’s in front, and sometimes behind, to further mix it up and keep it from being the same phrase all the time.
If it’s bare, it’ll say it’s bare—except you obviously don’t want it saying “bare eyes”, as that’s not something that’s normally clothed. (Okay, sure, eye patches might be nice, but it’s still not normal to call eyes bare!) So there’s also a flag of whether something is usually clothed or not, to decide whether or not it should say something is bare when it is.
Then there are adjectives that can be added outside of the normal descriptors, which scenes and items can add, that just show when not clothed.

The result is that instead of getting the same description phrase every time, well from a sample of it being run 5 times you get something like:
modest breasts that’re covered by your sticky, simple white and black jacket
small chest that’s covered by your jacket
perky breasts that’re covered by your jacket
jacket covered breasts
perky chest that’s covered by your sticky, simple white and black jacket

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