Game and Content Update – September 19th


  • Updated how the system works which updates the adjectives for writing parser descriptions on items and body parts. It’s more powerful now.
  • Updated the writing parser to use “natural language clues” to parse descriptors. (Experimental)
  • Fixed underwear and bottoms being worn not being detected.
  • Fixed a bug where items on your character card would not always update.


  • Added some “returning” text to some NPCs, where they’ll make note of knowing the player already, and other adjustments in writing based off already having met someone.
  • Added a bit more randomized dialog.
  • Updated some older content to update the status of the player and their clothing persistently, matching what happens in the scenes, such as getting cum on oneself.
  • Removed mechant that was written by a friend previously for the old demo area. Readded the “bunnygirl” in her place.
  • “Bunnygirl”, Lia, has had her writing reworked to better fit the wilderness. Lots of typos and errors in the writing having be fixed. Some extra writing has been added that uses some of the new features in the writing parser.
  • Added a “heat inducing injector” scene for Spajss Ajss. (More of a draft. I wrote something nice, acccidentally lost it, and had to force myself to write it over, and it’s not as good. -_-)
  • Reworked and added a significant amount of writing to Caysey, including where she’ll give out clothing if you’ve removed it, or had it taken from you. She’ll also respond to the player repeatedly losing their clothing and coming back to her for more.

Well, I took another month break. I just didn’t have the muse to write, I suppose. Writing is hard. I have ideas, but it’s hard to just sit down and make myself write. A lot of it I think has to do with what a daunting task it is, having all these ideas and knowing how much work is. Of course there’s the other part of the game not getting funded the first time around, which hurts motivation a lot. I also just had some other things to do. I’m back, and got some more work put in.

Not much coding is done this time, I’ve tried to focus on adding some content. Programming is what I’m best at, and I can do that all day, but what it needs right now is some more content.
The part about the writing parser is that instead of writing “your %thighs”, and it seeing the % to cue it to search for a personal descriptor to replace %thighs with, it now sees the word “your”, and looks behind it to see if the next word is something the writer parser sees as one that can be replaced. This also automatically knows to look for the actual singular word and add the same plural to the end, with or without an apostophe.
This is experimental because this lack of specificity could be dangerous. What if you don’t want the writing parser to parse something, and really just want “your thighs” shown? This could be especially true in dialog. For the former, there is a way to escape(nullify) the writing parser from checking the word. For the later… well besides escaping, yeah, I should check if they’re between qoutations. The problem with that right now is the creating of those quotation marks is sometimes buggy and the inner and outter is swapped around, which I haven’t bothered looking into yet since it’s so minor. There could also be other issues that come up, so I’m not sure yet if this is something I’m sticking with, or if it there should always be that explicit % for string replacements.
The aim of it is to be as easy as possible to write things and have them parse nicely to someone’s character. While just putting a % in front of a word is easy, it’s easy to forget, so hopefully this works out.

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