I noticed the main server was crashing.  I put up a hotfix that will stop the crash, but there could still be a lingering issue that causes someone to get stuck instead. Please report this if it happens, though I added some debugging logging that may find it just as people play as well.

Some site updates

In addition to getting the game polished up more for the Alpha3 release, I’ve been working on polishing up the site itself better.

One thing that’s been pointed out a few times, is that the old dev tracker page was a bit of a mess. Especially at times when there’s a lot of updates, and especially when one bit of content/scripting is updated repeatedly in the same day.

Instead, it now consolidates repeated edits and groups them by the day, so it should be easier to read.
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What we’re working on

Hey everyone!
There hasn’t been an update on the game for a while (I mentioned earlier that there wouldn’t be much going on until a bit after the holidays were over), and since we’re just now getting back to work on it more heavily, the next update will take a bit.

Yeah, this is long. Lots to go over!

As for myself, I’m working on a new system “under the hood” for dealing with things like status ailments, and various temporary and permanent effects on players.
The way it worked in the prototype is that it just sent … Continue reading

Dev Tools update

Sorry it’s been a while! It was hard to find the time to work on LEWD much in November. Really, I’ve been used to largely taking November, December, and the first half of January off work for the past 6 years or so. I work a lot the rest of the year and just want to play games I missed and such around the holidays. This update took me twice the the two weeks I figured it would, and I’m not sure I’ll get a whole lot done in December, either, but I’ll still be chipping away here and there.
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Working on dev tools improvements

There’s not going to be any major client updates until next month. That said, there has been a lot more content added to the test server since the last major update, which you can see on the Dev Tracker.

There are some performance issues with the dev tools that make them annoying to use, which I need to look into.
There’s also other things that can make them annoying to use, like rearranging scenarios doesn’t automatically refactor various pointer references, which makes it take an annoying amount of work to heavily change around some of the previous … Continue reading

I may be gone a few days. Afterward, I’ll be taking the Test Server down and applying changes to it

Hey everyone. A hurricane is going to drive by here so I may be gone a few days.  I don’t think it’ll be very serious, though I’m still expecting to lose power for perhaps a few days.

Once things look fine, I’m going to be investigating the engine bug that sometimes creates and issue with clothing, and can cause other problems.  I don’t know how long it’ll take to fix. It could take days to find the root cause of the problem and patch the issue. During this time, the Test Server will likely be buggy, maybe completely unplayable, or … Continue reading

Another small game update, and update about Patreon

So.. it seems like something got messed up with the Patreon “charge upfront” thing and their CSVs, which are basically text tables of the Patrons data.
My bot parses those CSVs to fill out people’s pledges and totals on this site, to give them access to what they should have.
Well.. Patreon has this horrible bug where the “lifetime” amount listed for people on the CSV doesn’t update when they are charged in the middle of a month when they initially pledge. It only does so on the reoccurring.
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Intermediate Update – LEWD no longer requires WebGL, and changes to writing contract

This isn’t the Alpha3 release yet, but I wanted to release this part of the update early as it now makes the game playable for those that don’t have a computer or browser good enough to support WebGL.

It should start with the fallback CSS3D renderer and automatically switch to WebGL if you have support for it. And you can toggle between them in the settings to use whichever you prefer.
There are also various efficiency improvements to both the building of the star map initially, and the WebGL rendering.
The CSS3D renderer may still be slow for … Continue reading