Come Alpha: New body descriptions, framework, and reworked parsing

Here’s another preview of what’s coming with the Alpha1 release. Like most things, how some body description parsing stuff worked before wasn’t what I intended. It’s just a prototype, and I meant that. It was just something I threw together quickly.
It was to learn the things I’d need for the real framework for what’s to come.


This is still not the final result, but I definitely have much better things working on the back end with this even though how it’s displayed here could be better.

The new system for the body is hierarchical, with each body part aware of what it’s a part of (ie: fingers to hand), and what each part contains (ie: a hand has four fingers and a thumb).

This new system, besides that it can pick up to describe that a player has a tail when mentioning their rear or lower back, or that a finger might just have 3 fingers, will also make it easier to make some things work with quadrepeds or tail-legs if we decide to have PCs be able to have those.  The system makes it easier to make sense of missing or changed parts for this, such as what to instead describe if a part is missing(ie: a finger, or there being two legs). It understands what a pair of something is, but also allows for one side to be different from another (eg: heterochromia, or one cyborg arm and one normal arm)

There’s also a number of things improved with how it parses text.
There’s something where it keeps a little memory of what it’s been outputting, so it won’t repeatedly outputting the same long things like it can do when unlucky. It favors more verbosity at the beginning, then being shorter, so no more “your feminine chest covered by your simple black and white jacket” twice in a row.

There is also a “Preview” button that makes previewing your descriptions easier. Clicking it outputs 5 tries at it.

I only messed with the UI a little. It’s more compact now that there’s about 10x more things to describe, from each individual eyes, to hair, and all sorts of stuff.
Hopefully it’s more clear now that you can write in your own descriptions instead of just using the sliders, too.

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