Patreon account linking, rewards, and an update on the upcoming alpha timeframe

You can now link your Patreon account to your LEWD account.
This will credit your account to spend on rewards and funding goals coming later this month, and will give you access to special, secret, Patron forums.

Usually Patreons have some goal things that are per charging period, monthly in this case. I didn’t think that fit as well for LEWD.

There’s also the whole thing where I can’t really give good rewards for the monthly amount that wouldn’t make too much classism, however there are some longer term rewards that would work, but it makes more sense to make those not quite work on a monthly basis, but more something people build to with their monthly contribution.

So instead, I made this system that automatically scrapes my Patreon panel to dole out credit, manage transactions, give forum and (upcoming) test service access, etc.
It’s a first of its kind system, as far as I’m aware. Patreon doesn’t have an API to make it reasonably easy to do this stuff.

Preview of the rewards and funding system that your Patreon pledges will go towardpatreon-prelim-redeems

This is still not finished, and I don’t have dollar figures worked out along with more rewards that could go there, but it should give an idea.

There will be individual rewards, where you can personally get some content you’d like added to the game (so long as it doesn’t contradict the game’s “bible” and such.
Then there are the collective funds, that are sort of like Kickstarter stretch goals. Instead of buying individual rewards, people can collectively pitch their contributions in for goals that benefit everyone.

There is “game credit” separate from “patron credit” which will come in later. I don’t really have a lot of ideas to do with this at the moment. Character slots is one, but I don’t want people to just be able to buy stuff that gives them a big advantage in the game. I want people to support the Patreon because that’s what helps get content added and makes the game better for everyone.

Alpha release window

I might not get the alpha released this month, because I really want to get the persistence(character saving stuff) all working before I do that.
What I’ve decided instead is that I’ll give Patreon supporters access to the alpha test client that us devs use very soon. Perhaps in a week or so. The Alpha1 release should still come around early August.

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