Another update

Been 6 days since I posted anything, so figured I should post something.

There hasn’t been a lot to post about since most of what I’ve been working on is just simply revolved around the porting process. The old engine is extremely different from the current one. Getting the content to just have parity to how it was before has been quite a thing.

I’m almost done with that, though. In our private alpha (just dev access right now), almost everything is working how it was before plus all the other little improvements and bug fixes. I just have one last thing to finish up today before I can start adding a few more features and polishing up some more before opening the game up again.

Within a few days, and before July ends at the latest, I’ll be opening up the alpha to the Patreon backers. In August, it’ll open publicly(though character saves will be limited to backers for a while).

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