Come Alpha: Area markers for Quests


I added a new addition for the upcoming Alpha. Just a little thing, really, but still quite useful and quite a change.

Currently it’s just used for the quest to collect a shirt for Kayleigh. That was never a specific spot, and just where the plantgirls can be. It gave a spot, but you could end up not finding the item once you got there as it rolled randomly each movement. Now it’s much more clear with something like this, that it’s something you find in the area.

There are other things to come with quests as well that just have to do with engine changes. Since every thing that makes up the game is so highly malleable, can be instanced, and has a nice API for how it updates in the client, things can be done like modifying a quest itself.
Instead of like the Queen’s Dozen quest that has 3 parts, and which was 3 different quests that end then start the next, a single quest itself can be modified and updated little by little. A better example of what can be done with this is having a quest have its marker constantly moving around as the player does.

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