Writing tryouts – phase 2

One of the three writers I chose last time wasn’t able to work on the game, so I’ve set up a new tryout application with a few updates to it.
I’m looking for at least 1 new writer to join the team, but I might select up to 3 based on how the Patreon goes next month, and how good the submissions are.


In particular: I’m looking for writers that excel with writing dialogue and interesting, endearing characters. Not just the same moe character, but just characters that are likable in various ways. Also, primarily human and humanoid ones, as the two current writers on the team particularly like writing monsters.
I’m also particularly working for people that are good at having a direction and story with their content, that can think about the whole big picture that the little pieces of content contribute toward.

If you know someone that meets these criteria, let them know. If you do yourself, go ahead and submit something.

  • Familiarize yourself with the game and what it’s about by playing it at http://www.playlewd.com/test-server or you can also just go based on the content you see in the tool, and screenshots from around this site. The test server is currently limited to Patrons, but having played it isn’t a requirement. You should be able to get an idea of what I’m looking for from all the content that’s in the tool.
  • You need to have writing that’s a somewhat similar style, and it needs to fit within the context of the game. (Scifi, another solar system, really lewd, etc) While the style needs to be similar, such as being second person limited and more emotive than verbose, you absolutely don’t have to mirror it! Varying styles are fine.
  • Your writing should at least be as good as what’s in the game currently.
  • You should be able to cover a variety of kinks/fetishes
  • … However, you’ll have a lot of free reign on the sort of kinky erotic stuff you write, you will still need to wrap it in the context of a story and not force it on people. Ideally, something fetishy should be written in a way that it’s still appealing to people without such a fetish, when possible.
  • You do not need to have a mastery of the dev tool, but as the tutorial says on it: you should be able to at least show you have a basic understanding of it. You can not simply write a long thing and have someone else “code” it for you. You should be able to figure out the basics. This is simply a test to show your understanding for your tryout application, and not to make something that is actually put in the game.
  • You can submit anything you’d like. Just what you think would fit in the sort of game that it is. You should show that you can combine sex and story. Make sure it is a complete, final draft. (You can edit your submission at any time, up until I’ve selected all the writers I’m looking for or October 1st.)


  • You will be paid a share of half of the LEWD Patreon funds every month, split based on each writers contribution.
  • You will also get a share based on content you’ve written for the past 23 months.
  • You are expected to contribute at least 10,000 words of content per month. There is some leeway with this occasionally, but if you do not have the time and commitment, you can instead submit content on the forums, here: http://forum.playlewd.com/index.php?p=/categories/submissions
  • You’ll also of course get access to the test server, private developer forums, and all those sorts things.

How to submit your writing to try out for the team
A tutorial there will walk you through how it works. Again, as noted above, you don’t need to master how this tool works, but you should understand the basics that it describes.

If you need some inspiration, I’ll be making a post on the Patreon of the current short-term plans, but again, you’re free to submit what you’d like. (edit: actually posted those for Patrons, but here it is for non-Patrons: http://www.playlewd.com/blog/?page_id=477 )

If you are accepted, you will get an email by October. I may select writers as soon as late August if something blows me away by then, though.

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