I’m back

I needed a longer break than I thought.

I ordered a new task chair and that took 7 weeks to get here. I was getting a lot of pain in my right wrist and elbow from all the programming. I’m feeling better now.
I also had lots of holiday things to do.
Of course, I was just really worn out working 100 hours a week.

Things will still be slow for a while though, as I’m still finishing up some things with rewrites on the engine and additions to the tools. I’m getting all the “gameplay” part of … Continue reading

Registration fix

Registration was down for a few days due to a mis-configuration.  It is back up again.

For those that registered while it was “down”, I think I was able to make those accounts still work. If there’s something I missed and those accounts are problematic, just message me on the forum.

A new direction – bringing the tools to others sooner with Creightr

Creightr – Make and play games easily

Before I had that whole plan that I’d make LEWD, but I always wanted to develop the engines for others along side that, to give back and all.

I decided to change gears and do that later thing first. You know, I just think there’s a lot more appeal to more people to have something to easily make a game with.
Not only that, but I had trouble finding motivated people to help work on LEWD. With Creightr, it’s other … Continue reading

Game update


  • Added some content for when someone tries to lay unfertilized eggs from the “Queen’s Dozen” quest, instead of it just not responding.
  • Removed the placeholder Deci-Bell NPC that I had there for testing in the wilderness.


  • Revised some parts of the writing parser in regards to how to “reads” and detects how to rewrite text based on clothing worn and interaction. It also will properly remove/peel multiple layers of clothing.
    Still a heavy WIP on this. It’s really complicated.
  • Added the “isCurrentMap” function to the tools, which was missing and is used to make … Continue reading

Game & site update


  • Most pages can use SSL if you’re worried about security. IE https://www.playlewd.com/login.php
    This is not finished. I’ll eventually make it the norm for pages where it’s important, but for now you have to manually enter https.
  • There is now an account page.  This is a work in progress. This is where you manage your characters.
    This of course goes along with the whole persistence, character progressive saving, and so on that’s to come later.
    For now you can reserve an extra character in addition to one that matches your account name.
  • Pages have been updated … Continue reading

An update on the lack of updates this month

As of the last update, I mentioned a few plans. I wasn’t thinking of other things that’d get in the way of doing them.

There was EVO, and there’s The International to watch. Those are consuming a lot of my time. There’s also some other work I needed to do that’s not directly related to LEWD. I am just somewhat burned out after the working 100 hours a week on the new tools and such. It’s also a bit daunting thinking of all the work I need to do in making a good clientside API to match, as well as … Continue reading

Using the dev tool, guide/tutorial

This serves as a guide for writers, so I don’t have to explain the things individually to each person in the future.
It’ll also give others an idea of how the tools work for when I make the engine and tools available to more of the public.

Introduction to the interface.

This is what it looks like when the tool is first opened. It’s on the web, so there’s nothing for each developer to download and … Continue reading

Bug fixes for the last update

With the last update came some new bugs. Many of them should be fixed now.

Game Server:
-Fixed a bug where it could keep delivering the starting scene information, which created a situation where previous writing didn’t show after selecting options and the NPC card would keep flipping.
-Fixed the issue where incorrect scenes were often sent.

-Fixed some issues with item descriptions and states not setting, I think. Probably still buggy since the rewrite, but not as buggy.
-“Hidden” options no longer show as they shouldn’t.
Some options are intended to show if … Continue reading

The biggest little game update

There’s no new content besides some portraits, and no new game mechanics, but just about all of the game server was recoded.
Why all the work for no change right now? Well it opens up possibilities for future content. There’s far less restrictions. It’s also because I want an engine that can be used to make all sorts of games. I had the goal of making sure it could be used to remake anything that’s on Byond, RPG maker, … Continue reading