Progress on the new tools (and a usage reference)

It’s going to be at least a week until I get the dev tools updated. I injured my arm and need some rest, and there are more things I realized I should do while I have the game server down.

I thought I should post about the tool both as an update, and it’ll serve as a reference to explain some things for those using it, as I’m thinking of making it so people can try it and out and make their own game so I can get some feedback. What I think is easy an intuitive might not be … Continue reading

Explaination for the lack of updates and some near future plans

I took almost 2 weeks off from directly working on LEWD because I needed to make a new chat for one of my other sites, RPHaven.
Really, I had to, sadly. I’ve been doing a bunch of upgrades to my primary server, and some old libraries and software that the 3+ year old chat I made for RPH used would just not work with the upgrades. The best thing to do was to write a new chat … Continue reading

Security Updates – Many people need to reregister. Others need to reset their password

If you’re getting a wrong user/email and password even though you know it’s right, you need to re-register. I had to purge a number of accounts in order to update things and move forward with some updates.

Users that had signed into the forums before don’t need to re-register, though they do need to update their password. Passwords have been updated to use the most recent standard of cryptography.

About 300-400 users were deleted. Ironically, this was due to things I’m doing to make way for setting up daily backups and making sure there won’t be issues in the future … Continue reading

Revisions system and more.


I really should have added this one a long time ago.  There’s been a few times where I lost some content due to bugs and had to rewrite it. -_- Here it is, though. At least, here’s an early version of it.

Many sites have something like this. Wikipedia does, and so does github. They store the older modified versions of content and highlight the differences between them. I’m not aware of any actual game engines, or game … Continue reading



There’s a small update, but this post is mostly to preview an update to the dev tools.

It’s pretty much just me that needed to add content before, so the dev tool to add it is rather complicated. The other thing is that I need to make it open ended for various other games. Since updating the dev tool so that it’s easy enough for anyone create highly dynamic content is the first thing I need to do, I’ve been working … Continue reading


So, I just thought I’d post this since it’s been a few days with no updates.

I was playing around with Unreal Engine 4, just so I can see what it can do. I wanted to get an idea of what I’ll actually be able to do with it, and how much effort it’s really going to take to make use of it.

I was making some things in it, but sadly it turns out that I can’t show that because of some bugs with UE4 itself. UE4 is just a beta right now, and they have a number of … Continue reading

A thanks, an update, and Unreal Engine 4!

Okay, the Unreal Engine4 part first, because I’m super excited about that and could hardly sleep thinking about it. Epic Games just announced their public licensing terms for UE4 yesterday.

“If you need C++ source code, the steps are: 1) create an account at (you have to do this anyway to download the engine), 2) submit payment, 3) download and install the engine, 4) create a GitHub account, 5) link your GitHub account with your credentials (see here), 6) access the source code from Once you reach this step, you can fork the code and … Continue reading

Nearing April, and a small update

Hey so, first just a general update. You may have noticed I planned to launch a Kickstarter at the start of November. That’s 2 weeks from now. I’m a bit unsure. I’m thinking there needs to be like at least 1000 people that really want to see this finished for it to work out well.

There was a little over 100 registered accounts a month ago. Now it’s up to nearly 350.  In the past two days alone, there’s been over 100 more. That’s last part is really great.
But lets see.. 50/day, 15 days, that’s barely scratching that … Continue reading

LEWD as a game engine, to make other games, pt.3

The final part: how you might be able to use the engine for your own game

Basically, I want it to be about as easy as setting up WordPress for someone to get their own story driven game running.
By the same token, I want it to be easy for others to play those games. Just visit a website and play, no downloading anything, and especially not depending on another program.

Forgive the rambling-ness again for this post. It’s another that I’m writing in one sitting, and I’ve been rather sick for weeks. -_-

To be clear, I’m just … Continue reading

Another update, primarily for content

-Fixed the Forum button at the bottom right of the game being the wrong url, as well as it not opening in a new window.
-Fixed a bug where descriptions could get double parsed. “chest that’s covered by ___ that’s ___ covered” sort of thing.

-Added timers to the common random Events so they won’t repeatedly pop up when you’re just trying to move through the zone.
-Added some more text on the connection-blocked error for those that get it.
-Reworked how Events are bound to Areas(tiles).
When I first set up how data … Continue reading